Hear directly from current & past job seekers, coaches, supporters, and recruiters about the impact of Job Seekers Network meetings:

Losing my last job, which drained me and was a daily struggle, left me defeated, unprepared and broke. At JSN, I completely redid my resume for today’s market. They helped me realize that I really did have a number of marketable skills; I just needed to package them effectively to sell myself. I took advantage of all the training JSN offers, including the Design & Focus workshop. This gave me a huge confidence boost and clear leading for my search. Each week I left the Monday meetings encouraged to find a job that was a fit for my gifting. It took a while, but I did find that better fitting job and now I have fulfillment in my work –a luxury I thought I would never have.

Mike Former Job Seeker

Before coming to JSN, I was feeling overwhelmed by scope of job search and inadequate due to lack of traditional corporate job experience. JSN helped me move beyond my low point with prayer and encouraging me that I have something to offer. JSN helped me to narrow my search to jobs I could get excited about, jobs that would play towards my strengths. JSN helped me realize that I have something to offer and the importance of discovering where you fit.

Lane Former Job Seeker

Job Seekers Network met me right where I was. I was going through all my stages of separation from my employer, as my job moved out of town. JSN met me in prayer, and with valuable resources and passionate people. It was critical to be surrounded by a community that lifted the spirit and encouraged strength for sharpening the competitive edge in this tight labor market. I am grateful for the industry professionals that poured into us at the weekly presentations and through the breakout/learning sessions. I left each session with a call to action and direction for the week. I’m currently interviewing and investing in training, while continuing to network. JSN has kept me moving forward and I am sincerely blessed by this group.

Sonya Current Job Seeker

Why do I send my unemployed friends to Job Seekers Network and support PurposeWorks? Because I trust JSN and know that they are concerned with the whole person. JSN sees that their job search needs are met, sure, but also that their emotional and spiritual needs are addressed. JSN is helping them find work that fits them so that they don't end up unemployed again in 3 months, which makes all the difference. I believe JSN helps the job seeker really see success, not only with a job, but in understanding their gifts and purpose.

Michael Brown Vice President/ Board Member, ConsultingSolutions.net

I'm very grateful for all the services and support that Job Seekers Network has provided to me. They have an outstanding staff of professionals and volunteers who have definitely improved the effectiveness of my job search. In addition, the JSN Community has restored and increased my faith during this very challenging time. I greatly appreciate the spiritual messages and reinforcement of my belief in God and the optimism they have created.

Brian Current Job Seeker

I just got off the phone with a colleague of mine who called me in tears and falling apart over the job search. We were laid off at the same time and had worked together for years. She called me in a panic, feeling like she will never get a job, wondering what is wrong with her, and why God has abandoned her. Here's the difference: she lives out of state and doesn't have an awesome support group like I do with Job Seekers Network! It was right then that I realized how incredibly valuable JSN is. Knowing that I am not the only one struggling with a job loss, indecision, depression, etc., is comforting. Seeing others persevere and become victorious is extremely encouraging. And I know that if I continue attending JSN, clarity and the right job offer will come.

Shanna Current Job Seeker

Let me first say that I believe in the Job Seekers Network and their mission. I am passionate about helping people and bringing hope to people who are in a time of crisis. I know first-hand how difficult it is to be unemployed. Looking for a job or trying to find a better job is stressful and causes a lot of anxiety. Job Seekers Network is a place where job seekers can find leads to new roles, meet people who are in similar situations, and get resources to help them with their career search. As a Christian, I have seen many people deepen their faith through JSN, and I don't know of another organization that combines faith and job search. As a recruiter, I have had several hires from JSN job fairs and Monday Morning Meetings. I highly recommend checking out JSN and attending some of their meetings. You will not only grow your career; you will learn to rely on God and meet people that will forever be a part of your life.

Will Thomson President of Bulls Eye Recruiting, JSN Board Member

When I was introduced to Job Seekers Network, I knew immediately it was what I had been looking for. Coming off a 30 year career in Human Resources, my favorite aspect of my work were those times when I could sit down one-on-one with employees or potential employees and help them think through challenges or obstacles they faced in their careers and personal development.

JSN allows me to coach and help prepare numerous job seekers each week, while working alongside a cadre of wonderful fellow coaches whom I learn from routinely. In general, I find that job seekers tend to under-estimate and under value the fullness of the experiences and attributes they possess that bring value to employers. I love helping them discover these things and providing the encouragement and direction they need to find a great fitting job. When people find jobs that bring them personal fulfillment, work ceases to be work and instead becomes a meaningful part of their purpose in this world.

As a man of faith, I see time after time, that not only is God there for support through the challenges of unemployment or underemployment, but that He has a plan and purpose for people, and will guide them through the search process to a role befitting their unique design.

Brian Furrow JSN Coach, Board Member, & Former HR Executive

I have been to over 500 job search groups around the USA and Job Seekers Network is truly one of the top 5.

Abby Kohut Nationally Recognized Job Search Expert

I paid $5,000 to another career service organization for essentially the same training I could have gotten for FREE at Job Seekers Network. That’s why I volunteer my time to them.

Douglas Mitchell JSN Alumni and Coach

JSN is a top-notch organization. I can trust JSN to show me mature, qualified, professional talent for technical, commercial and operational roles. I first connected with Craig and JSN as Talent Acquisition Leader at Samsung Austin Semiconductor and made at least 3 good hires over 3 years, just from dropping in to their Monday morning meetings. I have continued that support, and experienced identical success while at ARM and AMD. I’ve worked closely with Craig as an advisor and keynote speaker. His heart for connecting job seekers and employers is evident in all of JSN’s excellent programs and services.

Dan Medlin Local Recruiter