Is Your Business Laying Off?

Outplacement Services

Take advantage of PurposeWorks' comprehensive job search programs to provide the outplacement services that your released employees need!

By providing PurposeWorks outplacement services as part of your outplacement package, your company will:

  • Promote positive corporate responsibility to your remaining workforce by demonstrating care, integrity and dignity to affected employees.
  • Generate good will in the Austin community and with the separated employee by helping them find their next better fitting job faster.
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PurposeWorks Produces Results!

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92% of our attendees give us highly satisfied ratings.

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82% of our regular attendees end their time with us with a new job (many of the remaining decide not to return to the workplace or to return part-time).

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75% of job seekers report they got a job at least one month faster than they would have on their own.

I'd Like More Information on How PurposeWorks Can Help

Why Choose PurposeWorks for Outplacement?

If you are looking for a deeper, more personal approach to outplacement services, we believe PurposeWorks is a great choice. Our service provides the following elements:


A personal coach will be assigned directly to your candidate, in addition to our group training offered at our networking mornings. Up to 5 hours of 1 on 1 coaching, training and support is included. Topics covered will be:

  • Resume Best Practices
  • Developing a Marketing Plan
  • Creating an Elevator Pitch
  • Networking
  • Uncovering Your Personal Brand
  • Negotiating Compensation Packages
  • Get More Interviews with JobScan
  • LinkedIn Profile Reviews
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Mock Interviews & Instant Feedback
  • Writing with Excellence (9 areas, including cover letters)
  • Online Job Search Tools

Professional resume preparation


Attendance to our ongoing weekly meetings and keynote speakers


Participation in our 2 signature course offerings:

  • Design & Focus – This online course helps reveal a person’s unique design and how that fits within the world of work today.
  • Living the Called Life – This biblically-based course helps uncover a person’s life calling and purpose.

Additional resources, benefits and services include:

  • Regular networking with a large group of fellow job seekers
  • Job leads and recruiter connections
  • Access to over 10,000 Austin area job seekers, former seekers and the employed in an exclusive group
  • Access to videos of prior speakers and other best practice research
  • Collaboration with re-training and certification programs and franchise consultant

When is the best time to start these services?

Ideally, outplacement services begin as soon as a decision is reached and has been communicated to the impacted individual(s). If possible, beginning services while someone is still employed is best; this can help facilitate their transition to another role and hopefully minimize any unemployment period that may occur.

What is the cost for the provided outplacement services?

We will create a custom package and pricing that meets your organization’s needs and the needs of your employees. Please email us at for more information.