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Many people feel lost and unsettled. The changing job environment, the ups and downs of the economy, the emphasis on meaning and purpose all have people looking for MORE. They’re asking themselves some of the big questions of life and need someone to talk to.

Think of people you know going through a major life transition: just entering the workforce, changing jobs or careers, going through a midlife crisis, returning to work after a long absence, becoming an empty nester, nearing retirement, just to name a few! Maybe they are seeking more purpose in their lives or work-life harmony, looking for work, or are nervously employed, and even those who need spiritual support. You want to help them, but you aren’t sure how.

We invite you to use your gifts and experiences, along with our training and resources, to help people in a more meaningful and equipped way. PurposeWorks is developing a team of guides who will help the people they meet where they live, learn, work and play or those who come to us seeking help.


We want you to be that first line encourager that helps them know they aren’t alone.

It’s more than another volunteer opportunity. It’s a passion!

Who are our guides?

People with a heart and passion for helping others can come from a variety of backgrounds: a natural coach or guide, HR, training, hiring managers, or people with recent job search experience who have mastered the process. They also are excited to have biblical spiritual conversations, pray with and encourage others to grow. But we will equip you, too!

How will you help me be an effective guide?

You are not alone in this! We commit to provide initial training and orientation on spiritual conversations, job search, career management, and faith and work, as well as quarterly gatherings for networking and additional equipping.

How will our guides help?

Guides will provide individual spiritual encouragement and personal career advice, as well as help with career networking, resumes, interviewing, and other job search and career management advice learned along the way. Guides will refer them to us for our meetings, online and on-demand training, workshops, and other help.

How will being a guide help me?

  • You will be giving back to your community and others and using your gifts.
  • You’ll be connected with a great team of guides for networking.
  • You’ll get training on faith & work, the job search, career management, and seeking purpose in your life.

What's the time commitment?

  • We'd like you to have at least one conversation on your own or with someone we assign you each month.
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Interested in becoming a guide?

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